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Sloth Line


All done. Proper pics will be done for the auction.This guy cannot stand unless propped up. Lol
I want to do a shiny Fennekin next.
I also updated my "Sewing Status" page to be more accurate. It's been awhile since I last touched it.



May Diorama

Hello, my name is Ignacio Im from Argentina. Love all ur posts and I love ur collection, in one of ur posts I saw u have a May Diorama from 2006, And I wanted to asked u if this one is in 1/40 sacle like Zukan line or is another scale? Cause yesterday I got one of these sets, and I wonder what scale is it, Thank u!

Re: May Diorama


I don't think the zukan diorama is to scale. Manaphy's zukan is extremely tiny but this diorama one is bigger. May is pretty big compared to a Charizard! I hope that helps!

Re: May Diorama

Oh Ok, Thank You so much!!