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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Just finished a certain Egyptian, I'll have pictures once I get new batteries tomorrow.  Now onto a electric creepy crawly, a green cell, a ninja otter AND an American eagle before I can make a new auction post. Not sure  who to start on next.

I'll figure that out once I give my index finger a break from the needle. Ow.

Still waiting for a few payments on art commissions before I can start on the set. I hope they reply soon.

I really want to do a plush trade as I don't have any custom plush made by other people. I've been seeing peoples new custom plush they've gotten in collection posts. And I'm so jealous I don't have anyone to snuggle with knowing that its one of a kind and not made by me. All I have is my little Breloom custom I  made myself. :(  Anyone out there want to do a trade? 



Y-you... made a Desukan plush? ;;

I can't wait to see~!!

Not sure if you're interested in crocheted plush, but I wouldn't mind trying to make you something. :)
Ooo, sounds Rad! Can't wait to see!
Yeah! Seeing the new pokemon made me really want to make some. And right when I saw Desukan I just knew what I wanted him to look like in plush form. I made him a little bigger and his four arms are wired for posing. I'll probably have pics up tomorrow or later today. ^_^

Oh! Crocheted plush? Those are always fun! Do you have some examples anywhere I can see? :>
The new Pokemon are looking really good and being a good source of creativity. :D

I have a couple of examples up on my DA (ryuutenshi) and I have more that I haven't taken pictures of. ^^; But when I do, I'll send them your way. :>

Mostly offering because I like to try and make more Pokemon plush. XD
D-D-Desukan??? ;A; I can't wait to see! I will definitely be in that auction for him, otl.
I have some tan fur, I could make you a Slakoth in exchange for a Fakemon Pokedoll? :D I am slow with trades though, just so you are aware. LMK if you wanna do it!