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Sylveon Excited

Augh! I won!!!! I won the TOYO Sylveon watch and sticker! It was a massive bid war but I'm so thrilled. This is the type of thing I love about collecting.

I feel Sylveon is getting the best of me though, I feel I MIGHT have to decide whether or not to collect the other Eeveelutions....due to lack of space and the time and energy that goes into collecting just one of them. Jolteon is an exception, as I'd probably still side collect him but doing the whole complete set of the whole line is sorta burning me out. I still gotta think it over but I may make a huge EEVEE lot or auction soon. Once I'm moved into my new place and I map out where everything is going I'll make a final decision.


In other news, MICKEY MOUSE SHORTS merchandise is lurking in Japan and I NEED it since a lot of my drawings are on them!!! I don't know what to search with these particular items since Mickey is such a big name and I have no idea what they call "Our" version of Mickey in Japan. Any help?!

The main thing I'm after is the plush coming out in April from the company "Nakajima". They also apparently released some dice bags in February.
"Small Planet" released a line of ankle socks in December last year. In May, "Sun Star Stationery" will be releasing...well... stationery. Which will have some of my art.
"Marimo Craft" is releasing some pouches and pencil bags in April. Sorry I have no pictures since I have no idea how to search for these things! Can someone help me? This is crazy, all this merch finally being released for our show and yet I can't get a hold of it! Any help would be appreciated.


Congrats. ;w; Nothing feels like winning a bidwar. <3
i saw some mickey shorts stuff a few months back at the big disney store in disneyland. i can keep an eye out. i was trying to pick out what you may have drawn or designed XD
That's so cool! I heard they have big window clings I wanted to steal. XD I haven't had the time to go there myself to see. I just know there will be a huge rush of merch soon. A lot of it I designed, so I'm getting anxious.

Haha, there are three designers on the show and we all have certain tricks of the trades with drawing the characters. I usually get Mickey/Minnie and the cute poses. While another gets the big burly characters and the other makes them more detailed with the line work. I'm curious what drawings you think are mine. XD Zach does it every time I show him a new episode.

And I would like to know what they're called in Japanese and where to buy em'. :3 So a close eye would be appreciated. <333