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Sylveon Heart Ribbons


My friends are awesome. The community is awesome. I'm having so much fun collecting and the hunt is really getting me hyped. My Sylveon collection site is one of the first links on google when you search for it! People all around are using my images for want posts. I've been researching like crazy every inch of the internet for more exclusive Sylveon items and I keep finding more. Just so I can slap it on my database/want post. Friends have been PMing me with sought after items or thinking of me when It comes to Sylveon in general. It's so flattering and nice. ;U; I'm SO pumped for future auctions with my little fairy. My job has been great and keeps getting better and better. Which makes it easier to bid war for Slyveon. I'm really happy I'm almost done searching for past items. I know new items will pop up or she'll be on a new sticker or candy here and there but I'm pretty pleased with how quickly I caught up with her merch in the past couple months. It's been exhausting but rewarding. Now, I can prepare for future items. Come ooooon, Sylveon pokedoll!

Yeeeeyup, I thought I'd just let everyone know that Sylveon and I are goin' places.

I might have to make more room for this collection...and maybe sell more plush lots. Other than that, I'm almost done with my Spring Exhange box. It's coming along, I've already spent over $15 on it but I'm not even done with my custom. I'll be sure to get on it this weekend. I just wish my secret person would update their want list. I just hope they don't already have the items I got them.


Ah, this sounds like me a few months after I started collecting Dialga! (and look where I am now..)

Glad to hear you're having fun with it! Collecting a hype Pokemon can be challenging, but very rewarding too :D
Yeeeah! I'm really excited about collecting again. I know I've been doing so for Slakoth/Breloom/Emolga but this collection feels the most crazy and committed. Plus, I have pretty much everything for the other collections so it's fun to actually be collecting more frequently. XD

BTW, I got your package! <3333 I adore the clock so SO much! I plan to make a post about it later. It's placed in my living room and I wait in front of it five minutes before it hits 12 just so I can hear the music XDDD I'm so excited to post about my candies and watch. Been after that for so long. Thanks again for all your help! I'm a very happy camper. <3333

Vigoroth (Holo) Waps

Hi there, I sent you a PM, just so you know (and it doesn't end up in suspicious messages, lol)