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Sylveon Shiny

I haven't posted here in awhile....sorry about that. I've had company over for the past two weeks, took care of some gallery show pieces and I'm doing a lot of freelance for something I can't talk about yet. It involves toys though. :3

Anyway, here's my current project. I received two extra Ipakki figures the other day and I already had extras kids and tomys. SO I had myself a paint day. I just hope when I get my attack Sylveon kids they won't be a shade off since I'll be painting them later. They've been added to my collection site.

Still on the look out for a few random Sylveon merch. I'll also be sewing again soon! I've updated my sewing status on my site on who's next.

Uuuuuum, yeah. Nothing else to report. I'm super excited to see my Spring Swap post there gets from me. Any day now.