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Noivern Hmmm...


So, I'm curious on who will be the next lineup of pokedolls for the following year. I had a feeling Espurr at least would get a Pokedoll after the Pokecen WANTED! promo but the whole line ended up getting them.

So here's the list so far of pokedolls out: Total 24












Meowstic F

Meowstic M








Now, there aren't that many pokemon this generation and a lot of the major lines have gotten a plush so if they were to make more who would it be?
Here's my predictions.

The new Diancie movie is coming out in July, so if they skip May for Pokedolls then the next set will be pokemon related to the movie.

Pokemon I think will get Pokedolls during the movie release:

*Diancie is an obvious choice. All main movie pokemon get one.
*Carbink? I feel its a main character to Diancie and they all have different variations in the movie. So they might make them all? Similar to the Genesect gang?
*Tyrunt and Amaura they seem to be featured a lot in the movie merchandise but I have no idea if they're in the short or in the movie. BUT! Seeing as they're pretty much in every banpresto, MPC, pokecen movie set. I feel they might get pokedolls.

Next, the movie short. MADE!
*Klefki is the main pokemon in this short, I feel its destined to get a cute pokedoll, I'm sure it will get a whole promotion since its related to "Charms" and has a lot of pokemon charms around it's keyring on the poster.

*Hawlucha is featured in the short, I'm not sure why. I'm hoping Ash or someone from the crew catches it but he could be a special pokemon who leads Pikachu and the gang to Klefki. He seems to be featured in a lot of movie merch. Including the MPCs and banpresto items. I will be disappointed if he doesn't get one. I'm hoping his design is cute and he doesn't have a lot of fabric pieces. I'd just be happy if they made one. ;3;

There isn't many that are featured for this movie. Most of them already have plush and tons of merch. The only other thing I can think of is Pokecen throwing us a curve ball. The Diancie movie also features a lot of MEGA! pokemon. I feel they might surprise us with Mega Pokedolls. Most likely in DX style.
Especially for Mega Absol but I have a feeling they'll do all of them considering that movie poster showcases half of them. If they do that, we'll be set for a few months.

Usually the movie merch dies down in August and September. So if they are planning Mega Pokedolls they have till then.

I'm guessing in October they'll have a Halloween promo. OR it could be another Team Rocket promo since they own a Pumpkaboo. So, if they have a promotion for that then I see:

At this point, almost every line in the Kalos region will have at least one pokedoll. So who's left?

*Goomy he's gotten a pokecen plush already but he screams pokedoll. I wouldn't be surprised if he got one.

*Spritzee Swirlix got a pokedoll recently so I wouldn't doubt Spritzee getting one in a future set.

*Flabebe it seems like it was one of the first mascot pokemon for the game. It got a pokecen plush and it's very cute so I could see it in pokedoll style.

*Skatterbug or Vivillon seems to be a cute baby Pokemon they made a plush of it already.  Vivillon seems to be something they could make a promo for, it has so many forms. I wouldn't doubt they make a pokedoll for it if it comes to that.
*Noibat or Noivern I don't know, they haven't been too prominent in any promo, none have gotten plush but I feel either or will be featured somehow. Maybe Alexa will come back and be around for a few eps. That way Noivern gets a plush?
*Furfrou I feel like this one will get it's own promo due to its glorious hair cuts. It should give him at least the normal cut style in pokedoll form.

If she doesn't get a plush. I swear, pokecen. 0^0! I'm surprised they haven't made one sooner, its been almost a year since the movie promo, she's had many promotions after that. I guess they must be saving her for a special occasion. I'm hoping they'll release it for another Sylveon promo but I feel the Eevee craze has been put on the back burner since it was pretty much a whole year of Eeveelutions last year.

I'm really excited for this plush but also dreading it. The quality has been a little lack luster with some of the details on certain plush. DX Chesnaught has pieces of fabric spikes and fingers, Lilleo's tail is one piece of fabric ext. So, my prediction is Sylveon will be done in the same way. I feel her ribbons will be one piece of fabric, same with her bows. Maybe even her tail. I know it will be cute but it won't feel like it matches with the other Eevee pokedolls. I just hope she gets done right.

With this prediction, lines that haven't gotten one would be:
Honedge line
Bergmite line
Skrelp line
Binacle line

And other lines I'm hoping to see:
*Canvas Plush

What do you guys think? What are your predictions? Who do you wanna see?
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Obviously hoping for Hawlucha to get a Pokédoll 'w'

I think Noibat or Noivern could get one since they're pretty popular, maybe just not in the next batch... but who knows, after all noone was expecting Clauncher to get one yet he did, so ~

A Spritzee one would be super cute, I'm hoping for it since they made Swirlix. As for Sylveon, I think we're ALL wondering why she didn't get one yet?? O_O
If Furfrou got a pokédoll that would be a dream come true for me. I am not sure how I would manage to not by at least five though! I am also pretty sure she and all her trims will get their own promotion like you predicted! <3

Some of the mega designs are kinda complicated so I am not sure how good they would look. But it is definitely something I also would be interested in.
I would be a little surprised if Skrelp didn't receive one actually, since Clauncer did!