Tara (slothyshroom) wrote,

I just bought a Disney Fan Magazine. It's labeled the June issue and showcases a ton of merchandise from the Disney Tokyo and Disney Sea parks.

I've mentioned in the past that some "Mickey Mouse Shorts" merchandise will release sometime in April-ish and so on. Since Mickey has a gigantic amount of merch with many names and promos, it's hard to find "this" version of Mickey.
What is the Japanese name for the Mickey Mouse Shorts? :O
I have no idea how to search for these items.
In this magazine I found the plush dolls I've mentioned in past posts. A lot of the merch from this issue has already been released considering I collect Oswald and I own most of the featured goods.
We haven't gotten any plush or figures for the show so I gotta find these!
I took photos of the pages.
Is there any one out there who could translate and give me a lead on what this set is called, when its released and where I could possibly find it?

My boss hasn't even gotten word about these items. I wish they'd just give them to us. It would make my life a lot easier. XD Oh well.  I really need multiple sets of these. I'm sure most of the crew would want them. Plus, I need that Goofy in my life. If anyone can help with translations that would be sweeeet! I'm so curious to see what else we've missed and if any of my drawing have been featured. Thanks!

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