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Slakoth pokedoll

Movie Meeeeerch! I'm waiting to see all the movie merch coming out next month. I hope Hawlucha gets a plethora of unannounced things.
The biggest thing I'm curious about is....POKEDOLLS.

So, I see that Pokecen has released a new set of Pokedolls every month since December. (I wish I could say the same for Zukan) I'm just curious who they'll do for the July round. They usually do 3-5 new dolls.

My guesses:
*Diancie-They just made a Pokecen plush but I wouldn't doubt they made a pokedoll for the movie mascot.
*Carbink-I can see them making one but I'm not entirely sure. (Maybe all the variants?)
*Klefki-Mascot for the movie short. This one will have a lot of felt pieces. It probably won't get made considering Sylveon was last years movie short mascot and we had to wait a year for her doll.
*Noibat-Noibat is featured in the movie short merchandise. So hopefully, they give this one a doll.
*Hawlucha-I'm crossing my fingers for this one. Come on, Ash owns one and he seems to be a big player on his team. He's bound to get one. I hope...

*Vivillon line
*Skrelp line-I wouldn't understand why Clauncher got a doll but not Skrelp.
*Spritzee line-Same goes for this one and Swirlix, they're pretty much a set.
*Pumpkaboo line-Maybe for Halloween
*Phantump line-Also for Halloween?
*Flabebe line
*Furfrou-I can see the poodles getting their own promotion
*Goomy-It's going to happen.
*Bergmite line
*Honedge-It would be cute to see a little plush sword
*Binacle line

They're almost done giving most of this gen a Pokedoll. I wonder if this will play through to November and they start focusing on Hoenn Pokemon. I hope some from that Gen get a doll! I'm also curious if this gen will receive CANVAS plush. I'm surprised we haven't seen any yet. I'm keeping my hopes up for a Sylveon.

After the Charizard X/Pyroar zukan set what Pokemon will be next? They picked the swords and Pyroar which I didn't expect. I hope they do more lines that have 3 pokemon. Like Espurr line, Flabebe line, Goomy line, the dinos would be cool since they're so big. Hawlucha of course.

Things are calming down for me collection wise. Sylveon items are far in between now.  I only need a few more things. Hawlucha will keep me occupied but I hope they make some random merch throughout the movie time period. I've been really active with my custom collecting but want to get into official items again.

What are your predictions? What do you wanna see this year?


I'm probably being too optimistic, but I think they will make zukans of the Pokémon starring in the movie short, so Hawlucha should be getting one! I'm not sure about the Pokédoll but I have high hopes for it. Diancie WILL get a doll for sure, the dinos have one and they're featured in the short, so I guess Carbink/Klefki/Hawlucha might get a doll too...

As for Ru/Sa remake, I am hoping they will make new merchandise rather than re-releases. I would love minky re-releases for the starters Pokédolls and maybe good size PokéCen plush, but please make other Pokémon too! Third gen has a lot of my favorites that have little to no merchandise...