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Sylveon Excited

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile.....still been pretty busy with things.

I saw the spoilers for the Pokemon Anime. AND!

OMG...Serena with a contest Eevee!!!! She catches an Eevee! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it evolve into a Sylveon! THEN my two and only XY collections can both be on the main cast line-up! NNNNNNNGH!!!! I want a doll of her contest Eevee.

The possibilties for new merch. Oh, lordy. I'm SO excited for the I <3 Eevee and Poke-time stuff but having Serena get a Sylveon would allow me to collect merch for Sylveon throughout the movie promos and the end of the year. (Like I need any more Sylveon's...wait yes I do) There's also the Valerie Gym battle with her Sylveon in the future. Sylveon will appear a lot it seems. I'm hoping we get more Hawlucha soon too. Come on, Pokedoll and zukan!

Also, wtf Ash. Your whole team consists of Pokemon who are weak against electric types now that Goodra is gone. Three flying types now? THREE?

The anime is treating me so nicely. First, Hawlucha, Luxray even! And maaaybe Sylveon. heeeeeeeee.

Anyway, no hardcore collecting until the promotions come out in June. I hope there will be more surprises at the pokecen.

Okay, thats all. Bye!