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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Sup!? My name is Tara.
And this is my Pokemon only Live Journal!
This journal will showcase my collections, wants, ramblings, progress posts, art, sales and my
custom made plush that I plan to make/sell.
It will make things a lot easier for people from the community to find me.

I plan to post awesome pokemon updates here, with new art of my team and collections.
Be sure to watch me for frequent updates!

Please be sure to check out the links below for more info and goodies:

Help lead me to some of my major grails over on my ~Wants~ page!
Click the image above to be redirected.

My Collection Website Can Be Found HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!




Hi, I really like your background is there anyway I can have the code for it, I would like to edit it (not sure how) to include the one I have on my Gaiaonline profile or something else.

So far I like your journal, it has one of my fave PKMN "Emolga" I only have like 6 Emolga items, but I might start collecting a little more Emolga stuff next year. Yay Mickey Mouse shorts videos. Might comment on your other posts soon.
Thanks but I made the background with my own artwork to use for my website. So I'm not giving it away. I wouldn't like it if you edited my work. Sorry. ^^;
Hey Tara!
I'm trying to message you..... Livejournal just will not do it! So I'll leave this here, feel free to delete it afterwards.

Shes all yours!