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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Currently working on paid art commissions, just taking a little break from the needle but already cut out the pattern for my next plush. I only have a couple paid and two trades. So it won't be long until I start up sewing again. Still waiting on a few payments though.




This was so unexpected! Its adorable! And I FINALLY know that his back view is completely one color. :D Its exactly what I wanted it to look like.  *So a sugar glider since his under belly is light while the rest of him is dark but oh well, flying squirrel is alright* 

I'll be sure to make a custom plush (or a few) of Emonga in the future now that I know what he looks like all around. The only thing that confuses me is.....is he grey? Black? Or dark brown? I can't tell which one is what since his artwork when he was revealed was dark brown but this plush is dark grey and his tag is black X_X

 Also, I think hes the only one I'll hardcore collect. I'm used to the dex but still think I'll be seriously collecting only Emonga this gen. Though, might get random pieces for other pokes once I play the game. Or pokedolls I find to my fancy. :3


I saw go with black. I think that works best in the mix of colors and color balance in his design.
So I was right?! :D
I feel psychic XD
PS, flying squirrels also have white underbellies and the rest dark. I should know because I've been drawing from taxidermy specimens XD But Emonga could still totally pass as a sugar glider ^^

Also, I think the dark parts are black, but I wish they were brown like my figures DX
Yeah, Im SO happy they had him be one solid color, the only thing they threw us off with is that the end of his tail has a yellow ring. I'm going to repaint all my figures now that I know XD