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Look what came in the mail today!!! :DDD


Yay! My cute *and tiny* sleeping Emonga sculpture got here in one piece! Its so precious, the fact that his wing flaps have creases is amazing. Totally in love with this little guy! He will be great pals with my other customs. :> I can't wait to see my Emonga collection grow. Agh, my poor wallet.

A laying down Emonga plush would be adorable! *hmmmmmmm* <w<

Thanks so much Porcupine_paws! It was so sweet of you to give me such a treasure! <33333

Here's porcupine_paw's pictures of it: 

*my camera could not take a decent shot of him due to his tinyness.*



Yay! Glad he got there safely <3 I guess he's a shiny Emonga since he's brown XD