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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


I pledge allegiance to this new plush.


Front, the wings are floppy so he can cover his body with his wings or have them be pulled back as if hes flying.

I had to sew every one of those toes on. X_X So tiny.

In America.

Butt feathers . <3

His eyes, beak detail and feather detail are all hand embroidery. Hes completely made out of minky fabrics.

Here he is with my Charizard Pokedoll for size comparison. I'm pretty pleased with him. ^-^

He will be up for auction along with Desukan, Denchura and the fire ape. I just have one more to make before I'll auction all these up!

Phew, now to check out all those gen 5 shiny sprites to see what pokeys to make.
*So disappointed at Emonga's shiny sprite.* >:[




That's so cute :D Nice shaping on the face!

Lol emonga shiny isn't very shiny.
Thanks, hun! Its always nice of ya to comment on my plush updates. Still cant wait to see your Wargle. :>
Or whatever you might have up your sleeve.

Haha, yeah. I was so mad that he was brown instead of something cool like light blue or green. XP Oh well, I'll probably end up making a shiny plush of him in the future anyways.

You always seem to be online right after I finish a plush. XD I hope all is well!
8O I think this may very well be your best one! I really like how you made his wings and beak. Good luck auctioning them! <3
XD You say that every time I add a new plush. <3

Thanks! I know theres a lot of bird collectors so i hope he gets a good home. ^-^
Really? D8 I last recalled saying that about Nidorina if I'm not mistaken. Well, I am honestly impressed evey time. It just means you're getting better with each doll! :'<

I know Flag will be all over this! 8D
Haha, well it really means a loooooot for you to say. I feel proud every time I make one. And its always nice to hear what people think of them. :3
Super cute! You're so talented!
;o; ;o; ;o; ;o;
So cuuuuuute~!
I really want to hug him <3
Wonderfully done :D
I know you love your birdies. ;3 Thanks! <3
He's so cute. What a nice head! I don't have any plans to collect him, but this plush makes me want to!