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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Yesterday, I had a dream that Gin updated Sunyshore with a bunch of new B/W merch but  when I went on to get the new pokecen Emonga plush and strap, there was soooo much more. There was about 10! Emonga exclusive plush and tons of Emonga  items that it was so overwhelming for me. I couldn't afford all of the items I wanted since they're were just soooo many.  And felt sad that I would be missing out on some really rare and exclusive stuff. D:>

In the past, I have never full on started collecting someone from the beginning of a gen when its released. With my other collections I would gradually wait for items to pop up, It would give my wallet a break every now and then. Now, I'm collecting a Pikachu clone. And if its as bad as Pachirisu from the fourth gen, with about 33 plush alone. I'm not sure if I can handle it. I just hope they come out with new items little by little, a bit each month or so. 

I'm really excited and nervous for Emonga merch to reveal itself. I'm just hoping they don't have a promo at the cen for him for awhile. XD Oh, my poor little gliding rodent, what will I do with you?

Back to work now.



I feel the same way about (almost) all the ghost pokemon. XD I worry that some surprise item will pop up and due to the popularity of pretty much all the ghosts that I will miss out on everything. 8C

Yeeeeah! I want there to be a lot of new merch but the little flying electric is pretty popular so If I don't get the items when its released I might not have a chance again or I'll regret it later. Blaaah.

I bet your stressing since they usually use the ghosts to their finest during Halloween. :O

I'm worried about whether they're even going to do a Halloween promo or not. XD There's been no news about it at all, I swear we usually know by now.

I'm so hoping Desukaan gets something from the Halloween promo (assuming they do it). They'll probably merch the candles more because they're "cuter".

stupid soulsucking light fixtures
B/W is probably really taking a toll on this promo since it was so close to the release of the games. We did get those Halloween themed plush but only got gengar and we knew about the plush a few months in advance.

I hope they do a promotion anyway because I love the ghost art they use SO much. And I think Desukaan deserves SOMETHING merch wise.

Hopefully, they surprise us with special items like they did with the Emonga plush