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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile




I've already picked the next 5 pokemon to make for next months plush auction.

Three of them are second stage evo's, surprisingly. While one of them is shiny. 83

More on that next month.


Anyway, I'm really worried about items I've purchased awhile back.....I haven't gotten ANY of them and its
been more than a months time for a few of them. :{

Probably like 3 months for Glanth, I got a banpresto raichu keychain and amada stickers.
A couple months for Kolink who I bought a Shroomish pog from.
A month for Renator who I bought lamincards from.
And its almost been a month for azraelalexander who's having trouble sending my item due to kittens, puppies and lack of a ride to the post office. XP Its for the same figure I lost in the mail and its taking sooooo long to finally get him.

I'm also still waiting for my clear vigoroth kid to come.

SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH, I want to do a collection update already. And I'm soooo worried that my items will never come, this is happening to me more than it ever has and I'm scared for my items safety.

I did get my awesome Breloom settei from Gin, it got here in the speed of light. <3 So atleast some of my items are getting here.

Other than that, I'm STILL waiting for some money from my savings account to transfer to my paypal. They say it should be there on the 28! D: Why so long, paypal? I want my raichu back pack and Emonga's now! X<

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I'm going to draw to calm my nerves.



Oh man I'm so curiousssss~ XD

I'm sorry you have not gotten your items. Again, with Glanth, more and more people are not getting their items and leaving so much negative feedback. I'm surprised they're still on the community? I know I gave you a link to her e-mail address but from what I heard... so many people were demanding their items that she just started ignoring it. I wish I could help more. :<

I hope your items come safely, and soon. Also, congrats on the Breloom get! :3
Yeah, I've tried contacting her using that email and I was nice about her sending my items but yet no reply back. :[ I really don't want to leave any negative feedback. As long as I EVENTUALLY get my items I don't mind the wait but not hearing from any of them after I send a PM isn't fun. Their all well known comm members too, so I dont know whats going on. :[ I'm not sure what to do just yet. I just want my items XD

And fffffff, I'm beyond thrilled with my Breloom grail paper of goodness. <3
I'm sorry. :C I can handle waiting, but I have such a low tolerance for bad communication/ignoring others. I don't think it's professional one bit. :/ Negative feedback got her to get some people their items, yet now that it's building up and she's ignoring e-mails and PMs and messages... I don't know.

Just doodle some things to make you feel better. That always helps me! And sewing. Currently off to go make more Pokepillows! <3
I know how it feels to wait for a long period for a long period of time to do a collection post. Worst part is when items keep coming up to get and you are in a continuous cycle of waiting for items to come in and are wanting to wait for everything to come in just so you can take the pictures.
Ugh, I know your pain. Waiting for things for such a long time is torture DX I've heard about issues with Glanth and Kolink before, it took, like, the entire summer for kolink to finally pay for what she commissioned me for.

My copy of Pokemon Black just shipped last night, and I am so excited <3 But there's no mail at my college on the weekend period, so it will most likely arrive next week. Yeeeeeaa :D

Can't wait to see more plush from you. 'Rina is on my dorm bed with all my other plush pals. It's funny because she blends in with the color of my sheets and pillow case PERFECTLY O_O

Draw Emongas to feel better. They always cheer me up ;D