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Parappa Shock!


Here are my finished art commissions and trades! Sorry about the scanning but if you've bought one before my scans don't do these justice. They look WAY better in person, so ya know. I hope you all like it!

First up is tamago226's miju Cowboy! I gave it a sly expression, desert scene and I even added those new vulture pokemon barujiina in the desert sky. XD He's ready to rattle up some Buffuron and Taruos. :D 

Secondly is mana_mihara's new collection pokey, Shimama sporting a electrfying yellow bandana. He's really grey irl but the scan has made him a tad bit darker. He was so fun to make gallopping about in his own attack. :> The lighting really pops out against his dark fur and white stripes. <3

This one was SO fun! I love doing legendaries, this one is for azureyoshi's Quirky Palkia and Nauuuuughty Dialga. :> I went with a spacial cosmic look for this one, and legends are always oh so sparkly. I gave their stripes and orbs a glowing effect. XD These dudes are huge but I'm glad I could fit them both into the canvas.

Awwwww, annoying cuuuuuuddles for sorcererhuntres's Charizard and Cherrim. Charizard is not amused but he can't resist Cherrims cuteness. This was a delight to create, such a pairing! Cherrim is a pokemon that deserves more lovin's and its the first time I've been commissioned to draw it. Love those bright pinks and sparkles! And Charizards are always fun. :3 I'm glad I could fit them in without making Cherrim too small to see.

The next two are for trades!

A sly thief Smugleaf for jirachi_chan6, Smugleaf is fleeing the scene in the light of the moon, running through the town with only the street lights to guide his way. He may have caught a snag as his spoils hit the ground (including some Meowth coins). 83 I had so much fun creating the mood for this one and its awesome that people commissioned for some gen 5 pokeys.

And lastly, we have Prince Pearl Von Skull for nightmare chan2, a Mju with power! He is sitting on his royal thrown ringing for his loyal subjects to assist his every want and pleasure. I love using the royal blues and yellows to make this one pop and even added a bw inspired checkered wall for the bg. :D 

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. And thats it for my art commissions, I have 3 days to do some comic work and maybe a bit of my own art  until I start on the October plush auction.

I still have three more commission spots open if anyone who watches me is interested. Feel free to comment here!




I love Shimama. He looks awesome. Can't wait to get him in the mail and display him. :D
OMG! Dialga & Palkia are perfect! I like your art style, it's very different/distinct. Thank you very much for the art commission! :D

I'll have to commission you again in the future(maybe for a Zekrom next?).
Glad you like your orb pokeys. :D Let me know if you ever want another commish! I still have 3 available and Zekrom would be sweeeet!

Thank you! I may be able to ask for another commission by either tomorrow or Thursday(I'm waiting on some payments right now, and it depends on whether or not you'll allow me to get another slot).

If I can get another slot though, it will be a Zekrom. :)
Sure! Thats great, I could put you down for another. :> If you want, I can save your first commission and add Zekrom with it once I complete it, so you save on shipping.

Any specifics for Zekrom? Bg? Pose? Ext?
That would be cool! And yeah, could you save my first commission and send the second one with it?

Where do I send payment and how much to send?

And the only specifics I can think of for Zekrom that I would like is that his tail generator glows blue. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. :D
Yeah, I can do that for ya. I got it right here and haven't taped it up just yet.

Alright! Thanks for the extra info, its always appreciated.

It will be:
$20(piece)+$1(pp fee)=$21 to

Add your username and what ya purchased in the memo. C: I'll get started on it right away!
Payment sent! Thank you very much again! :)
OMG he is so AMAZINGGGGGGGGG <3333 I love everything about it!!! Thank you so much!! I'll have to commission some more from you again sometime soon!! ^u^ <3333
I really like how he came out with all those colors to help him scheme! Thank you!