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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Maaaaaan, I am not doing too well. I hate sad posts/telling people about my personal life because I don't want them worrying about me but this is a journal and everyone does it.

Things at home are really bad here, so much hectic stressful things just keep getting in the way of living my life. Its really putting an effect on me, massively on my art. My art is all I got yet I'm unsatisfied/unsure of it lately. Like, theres so much going on here that I don't feel good about myself which makes my art feel horrible too. Thats probably why I'm doing fanart/pokemon/unoriginal stuff lately because I'm not confident of my stuff right now to make something original.

Atleast I have pokemon, its an escape for me that I really need during these hard times. Each little item I get in the mail helps me or is the highlight of my day. Though, lately even that hasn't been helping. I'm so lonely at home, theres no one to turn to, my boyfriend is soooo far away right now and it feels pretty lonesome online too.

I try to be happy go lucky, friendly, respectful to people online yet none of them really stick around to actually TALK TALK to me. Its so cool to see people on the pkmncomm have friends they talk to outside of the comm. Really getting to know members where they get to the point where they don't need pokemon as a convo starter, where they can just be actual friends. I've joined a few online groups, been a good member on all of them, try to talk to them occasionally, even if its just a comment. Yet I feel like everyone just wants to be acquaintances. I even added a few on my aim, I'll have it on for hours yet none will come up and say hi, its always me who has to feel like I'm "bugging" them. I hate bothering people or feel like I'm intruding. Maybe thats why I don't have anyone wanting to talk to me. And when people do want to talk, its very brief, about my art or plushies or just a one comment thing.  Blah...I dont know, I thought I'd get more than just my awesome items online, It would be cool to have a pinpal or a friend to talk to.  I guess I'm doing something wrong? :[


Siiiigh, anyways, this isn't directed to anyone really, just how I feel as of late. I try my best but I guess this will be a lonely road for me for awhile.  I'm used to it.

No one likes sad mopey entries, they just feel sorry and feel obligated to post. So...oh whats that?  Oh POKEMON! Happy happy pokemon! Look at them!


This is my "Maybe team" for Pokemon Black [I would of gotten White but my boyfriend wants the fierce legend and I can't get Shroomish/fluffy grass ram on White]

Yup, this is probably what my team will look like. Well, I know for sure I'm keeping the first three. Man, my team is so tiny this time around. I never knew how small Emonga, grass ram and vitini were. O_O If you know me, I usually don't stick with a well balanced team and just go on my journey with my absolute favorites, even if their small or basic.

EMONGA: Yes, Emonga is definitely my Electric type on this journey being the only hardcore pokemon from gen 5 I'll collect.
WOTTER: I usually don't stick with the starter pokemon throughout the entire game but there are no water types that I like more than then him in this game really. O_O Which is a first. He will be my surfing buddy.
GRASS RAM: I think grass type got the most new pokemon from this gen, yet my favorite is this little lamb. Shes adorable and I hope she gets tons of merch. *Can you tell I don't care how she'll be in the game?*
Fighting WEASEL: I fell in love with this new fighting type, I cant help loving long lanky purple anythings. Her clawed feet, tail and markings are right up my alley. I haven't liked a fighting type this much since Breloom.
VITINI: I usually don't like having legendarys on my team but I really like the design, he may rotate with fire moth or the anteater, or even fire ape but for now my mind is set to have him on board.
GROUND CROC: This slot was free for awhile, I just didn't know who to put for my wild card. It could be any type but I went with the croc, hes pretty sweet and I know he'll help me with a ton of hard battles. He will probably be rotated a lot with the new bat. No doubt that croc will be my heavy lifter aka Strength/rock smash.
NEW BAT: I really love this bat and want him on my team but he'll rotate with ground croc a lot since apparently Emonga can't use the HM Fly X_X

I know I want to get a few items here and there for these guys. Maybe all of them in kid form. But anyways, I'm off to try to attempt to get out of this rut.  Later.



I totally understand that feeling of what you're going through. Currently not having a job, and not going out anywhere and hardly ever seeing anyone, things get lonely pretty fast.

I'd be willing to chat with ya if you ever want to just so you know.

Hope things get better, and keep making art stuffs cause you're great at it :]
How about getting out and meeting with people in person? Could look for artistic clubs or something in the area, sewing circles or figure drawing classes or something and get to know some people there. There's only so much you can get out of an online relationship anyway, it's not as fun when you can't just randomly invite your friends over and stay up til the wee hours watching movies and shooting the shit. You go to cons, right? Could see if any of your con friends are local.

I like the purple weasel thing but I want to see more art of it! Kind of hard to get a really good idea of what it looks like. I sure hope someone finds the Sugimori pics soon! :)
I understand a little what you're going through - but your stress is different from mine. Everyone has their own unique frustrations, and we're all human so we gotta vent. However, I have been in the Pokemon escape - for me, I couldn't push the block of self-confidence... But inspiration hit me big time and that's what saved me. I hope that you too will fine the shine to come back to you. ;D

Nice team! I approve ofr wotter unicorn and Erufuun~ Erufuun has such cute design, yes? I love the fluff. Reminds me of a Vorpal. C:

Got our commissions today! Thank you. <3
Emongas are a BITCH to find because you can only find them in the shaking grass. Just so you know ^^; Of course, I have some extra male Emongas with Roost/Air Slash if I could find some way to trade them to you <3
Also, cottonpoof is available in White via in-game trade. But of course, Black is cooler >.>
(PS These games are AWESOME)

Hope your situation brightens up <3