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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

And the mystery Pokedoll IS......


Yup! I found this image of the kanto starters in pokedoll form on some pokecen sticker book and decided to make him. I had a bit of light blue left from Nidorina. I think I'll make the Blastoise pokedoll too once I have some dark blue fabric :3 I thought it was odd they didn't get pokedolls yet Charizard got a whole dang promotion, they should of at least made the other two just to even things out lol

[Click on images for full view because I'm too lazy to resize them]


Oh boy, I thought this guy was going to be easy. He took a lot of work. I used the clipart and the Bulbasaur pokedoll as reference. lol Hes all head when front viewed, his little nubs would of looked odd longer. I love how his head leaf and flower stem came out and his little stubby limbs.

He is completely hand sewn, 6 inches, has hand embroidery features and made completely out of minky. He will be up for auction this month. My hand is dead with this little guy. But I'm very proud of him. :D

Heres a size comparison with my Charizard pokedoll * I wish I made a Blastoise it would be a complete set* ;-;

Who will be next? 
*Hint: I did say I was doing three second staged Pokemon this time. C:



Haha, Awesome! Very splendid job!
It's awesome! Great job yet again!
Yeah, that is a bit unfair that Venusaur and Blastoise got left out D:
Glad you did Venusaur justice ;D I love his little stubby arms ^^
Yeah! When I can, I want to make Blastoise....and maybe a shiny Charizard. <.
FFFFFFFFF THAT IS A MILLION TIMES ADORABLE. 8D You did such a great job on this! Like... WOW!

You're making me want to make my own now..

Still, you did such a b-e-a-u-tiful job on this. :D You should be so proud!
lol thanks! Your plush are adorable so Id love to see you make a venu! The Rai you made for Gin recently was fantastic. ;3

My hand is very dead which makes me very proud of this big brute root. <3
Love his wil' face~~ x3
He is all face. >3< Cute cuddly cuddly face.
He looks so good!