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I'm a character designer/comic book artist, I've been in the animation industry for awhile now, working on design for various projects. I've also illustrated for comic books too. This is a very rare occasion for me to post spots for  commissions, let alone commissions for something like the pokemon franchise. I hardly ever do custom commissions but rather sell original artwork of my own. So please, make haste with this special offer to commission me. I do not know when I will ever do this type of sell again since I am very  busy with work.

RULES (read these before you ask for a commission plz <3)

Requests for commissions can be an original pokemon character of yours, any pokemon you chose or a original pokemon.
First come, first served. I'll only add people on the list who MESSAGE ME with all the details I need. Like character references/information and which commission type they want.
I need atleast ONE reference picture (more is welcome) from you so I know what I'm supposed to draw. That means NO written descriptions. It is too much of a pain for me. You gotta be specific.
Note that I have a life outside of the internet so your commission might take some time to be finished. I try to finish them a.s.a.p. You all just need to be patient, I am very picky when it comes to my art!
 The commissions are only colored digitally.

 Copyrights and ownership of the drawing remains to me. No making profit of it or spread it around without my permission! These are all Tara Billinger originals, please repect yor artists.

In a Message I need to know the following:
1) Type of commission
2) Character References
3) Preferred mode of Contact
4) Anything else you find important (specific poses/clothes)

-Illustration Board Marker Piece-

+2 for more than 1 pokemon. Limit is 3 pokemon per piece.
$2 to ship to US, $5 everywhere else.

Here are  some examples:

[Click on the image to enlarge]

-Pokedoll Custom Hang Tags-
$15 dollars: Any pokemon will be chibified in the pokedoll style, with Japanese lettering and color.

-Pokemon custom chibi  LJ icon or head shot-
$10 dollars: A chibified drawing of any pokemon or head shot for livejournal icon use.

-Full out Marker Drawing Tara Original-
$50-$70 (depending on complexity) 
These are completely original/traditional pieces. Done on fancy brown paper, ink brushes, gel pen and prisma colored markers. Having one of these piece done by me is very rare.

Here's an example:

[Click on the image for larger image]

I know this isn't a pokemon drawing lol.

I only take paypal orders.

If any of these sounds interesting to you then feel free to send me a meessage letting me know what character you want me to draw and remember to link some examples of it as well :3

Looking forward to creating some one of a kind pokemon art for you!!


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