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New Plush! Ghostie lite brite!


This one was done yesterday but my camera demanded new batteries!

[Click on images for full view, yo.]


Yes! Two plush in two  days and I'm currently working on the third! :DDD Gotta hurry so I can put up my October Auction post.

Here is a lovely Chandera pokedoll. :> It was fun to simplify em' for this style, mostly with its little flames and body. It has wire in its arms to keep it swirly. The flame on its head makes it look like its wearing a little witch hat . XD

*Made of Minky/Fleece/Thread
*Has Embroidery Features
*Is about 6 inches high (not including flame)
*Hand sewn


Chandera next to other pokedolls. Chandera looks bigger due to its flame and arms..without he'd be the same size but its just wide lol

This will be put up for auction, for my October post. :> *I might make the others MAYBE later down the road....<.<

I should have a new plush up sometime tonight! I ran out of stuffing and need to head to the store to continue sewing this new guy....I'll give ya a hint....he's green. 83


Fantastic! This is a really cute plush!
Thanks! I'm glad you guys are enjoying them. ^-^
Sooo bidding on this ;)!
Oh god that is adorable. <3

But if Matt's bidding I already know I'm not going to even have a chance. 8C
He's sooo cute~! ♪ x3
Shoot, not as cute as yours~
Too adorable. And wonderfully done! <3

Hmm... I'm gonna guess Kurumiru for the green one?
Adorable!!! Soooo amazing. :D
Felt like this might be an appropriate place to post. |D

You've probably seen but I got Shandera this week. <3

I really love it. *u* My only suggestion would be that for future plush you draw the lines for where you plan to embroider on the inside of the plush. The embroidery doesn't completely cover the marker which takes away from what is otherwise an amazing plush. :) Only other thing I have to suggest is be careful with which way you have the pile of the minky facing. On the eyes one of them goes down while the pile goes up on the other. ;)

Just a couple suggestions, I look forward to seeing more plush from you in the future. <3 (And hopefully bidding on some c:)