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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Here! Have another one! Yes! 3 for 3! :D I've never sewn so fast, 3 plush in 3 days.
I'm going to try to keep this up and do it again tomorrow.

This time its RANKURUSU!!!

[Click on the images for full view, my dears]


Gaaaaaah! I've been wanting to make this guy since he first came out!  I just didn't think I had enough light green to make him. I ended up finding a bit of it in the bottom of my fabric box. X_X
This one was very time consuming but very rewarding. :> He had so many repetitive balls I had to sew! CURSE YOU BALLS! I really wanted to make the effect of him sorta coming out of his green cell, I knew I didn't want to make all the inside parts flat pieces of fabric. I stuffed his body so that it slightly popped out, which looks really cool from side views.

*7 1/2 inches, Arm length 28 inches wide
*Hand sewn
*Embroidery features

Hes not in pokedoll style but more like the gen 5 pokemon Center plush that recently came out for the region. Hes about the same size as my Emonga. Im wondering if I should add a pink tongue in his mouth but then I sorta like just the red...what do you you guys think?

Im also deciphering if I should make his prevos since I have the fabric for it but are they popular enough? :O

This is the third plush that will be up for auction for my October Custom post! Two more to go! Next one is going to be a flying type. C:

Thanks for looking!~




Aww, so cute <3 I love the little cellblobs ^^

I think a pink tongue might look nice, but that's just my opinion ;3 Maybe you could make the other two and auction them off in a set?


FLYING type you say? O.O
(why must I have no money...)
:> Decided to add a mouth for him in the end, he looks more playful with it for some reason.Thanks for replying to it as I always love second opinions. C:

And I have a feeling its a flying type you wouldn't expect. ;3