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Parappa Shock!

Four plush in four days in counting!!! 
Can I make it 5 tomorrow?


[Click Images for Fullview, you know the drill]

This is perhaps my favorite flying type besides Emonga and the Vultures. I was so excited when I saw him becuase I thought it was a possible evo for Claydol. Who I have a secret love for and almost became a side collection. It sorta looks like claydols body. Same weird thing on its head *To be honest it looks like someone stuck an unknown on its head* :P weird eyes, weird floating object type thing, both psychic. But then I found out none of gen 5 pokemon were related to other pokemon from past regions. X< And its weird how a Psyhic/Ground pokemon would evolve into a Psychic/Flying anways. Oh well, I still love Claydol and Shindora!

= ?

Oh my god, as much as I love this pokey, I suggest to all plush  makers NOT to make it. XO You'd think its easy being a ball shape but all that detail and color in design can kill you! I pulled an all nighter with this one. So much embroidery and do-dads to make multiple times. I'm still really proud of it though. <.< And I don't blame myself for wanting to make it just to see all those pretty colors all on one plush. <3

*10 inches tall:9 inches across
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn
*Tail can fold upward so it can sit.

It was meant to be a pokedoll buuuuuuut it ended up being way bigger once I added his features, atleast his ball body is pokedoll size. @w@

So I guess he is based off the new gen 5 pokemon center plush, which is cool too since Im not sure this guy will get a plush due to all its fancy markings.

This is my fourth plush I'll have up for auction for my October post!
I'm planning on whipping out two tomorrow! Yes two! Then after that, a commission and after that a deserving break. X_X

Oh! And I took Porcupine_Paws advice and sewn on a tongue for my blobby cell, he looks much better and happy!


Thanks to all who comment! Much love :3





Squeee Shindora! One of my favourites this gen, I hope I can scramble together some money to bid. ;U; You did an absolutely stunning job!
Looks amazing as usual ;)!
Oh wow that looks really cool. 8O I applaud you for being able to make it at all, nevermind in one day.

I've got a bit of a soft spot for that guy, I might put in a bid or two. :o

Just don't rush yourself ;) It might feel good to be able to finish plush really fast, but don't sacrifice quality for speed. :)
Thanks! Yeah, Its a really unique pokemon, I keep calling it an Aztec bird though it hardly looks like a bird at all XD Its like Xatu who looked like a totem pole, it reminds me of an evo of him too. XD

Yeah, I never rush plush at all, even when I do get them done faster than I expected. I haven't sewn in awhile and then had a burst of energy to make all these plush, I go with it until I feel tired or my hand isn't up for it. I quit when I feel its right. I better make the most of it now because I might not feel like this next month lol
Hahaha I think everyone calls it an Aztec/Nazca Bird. XD

This is true. :U But you also could end up completely burning yourself out from working too much. I've done it several times hahaha. 8D;
Another Amazing little plush!

Also, the tongue looks good on him! Nice choice! :]

You're right, I didn't see it coming XD
But it looks AWESOME! And so does Rankurusu <3

(I still think Shindora is related to Unown somehow...)