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 DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. The final 2 for this month! You've already seen one of these plush in a past post, but now
he has his babies!!!


Featuring Yuniran and Daburan!

I thought it was a good idea to just make all of them plush, they weren't as hard as the past posts but they were still very time consuming and hard work. It literally took me all morning to make both of them.

[Click Images to Enlaaaarge]


These were really time consuming but easier than most of this auction. This one wasn't too difficult other than his little curving horn sticking out. I love their little smiles. X3 Haha, he has a big butt. Everyone's just jealous of his Bootylicious junk!

*4 1/2 inches I didnt want him to be TOO small compared to the others, just an inch.
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn


This one has SLIGHTLY more detail lol which was fun, I love his tiny little arms, he always looks so anxious for a hug. C: The stuffing effect I did to make them seem like their popping out of their cell looks really cool on these baby forms! LOVE the side views.

*5 1/2 inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand sewn.

Oh my goodness! DONE. FINALLY DONE! All six plush ready to be auctioned! I'll have it up sometime today, keep an eye out on the comm if you plan to bid. Once I put it up I'll be sure to link it to this picture!

;-; I'm beat but I still have a commission to do so just a short break to recuperate. Phew!

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