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So this is the last Art Commission I had to do for this month, its a epic Zekrom sporting off his electricity and tail generator! Hes a wicked legendary, I really love both legendaries for this gen. :3 Which is rare for me. So I'm glad that azureyoshi asked me to commission for one. Thanks for being so patient with me! I actually got this done at the beginning of the month but just didn't have the time to scan it. XP I hope you like him! And I'll send both your commissys out soon! <333

I've been in crunch time lately, I had those plush to get done but thats only what needed to be done here, I also have a day of the dead art show piece I got to do, a halloween pumpkin piece for another art gallery in Phillidalphia AND a guest comic strip for a new weekly online comic website that will release next month. X_X Plus, my mom's bday is on the way, my trip to NY is drawing near and when thats done I'm moving again. I hope I have time to get to that Halloween contest thing over at Pkmncolletors! D: 

If you have wrote me or commented me, sorry for the delay! I have four other sites I have messages on and its hard to get to them all! I'll try to get to them as soon as I can! 


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